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Oct 15 – Nov30

Works by Alessandro Chiarapa and Antimo Bertolino at the art gallery
The exhibition was presented by the director of the gallery Petko Yordanov and the regional deputy director Hristo Kolev.
The event is part of the activities carried out by Yambol OA on the communication strategy of the CU.
The Yambol audience has the opportunity to see the works of two young Italian artists and enjoy the Renaissance staircase and scale in Chiarapa’s canvases and Bertolino’s modernist activities.
The exhibition is presented by the Consulate of Italy in Varna and is in Yambol until 30 November.


Aug 11 – 2018

Royal Palace of Balchik. Officialization of the Exhibition dedicated to the Week of Italian Culture and Life. Local authorities and Minister Rumen Dimitrov responsible for culture will speak. Simona Rizzo, our compatriots from Italy, will be on display, to admire his wonderful “Donna Martnitza” as well as the Sirena of the Black Sea. We will admire his works geometrically flat but profound to the eye by Maestro Antimo Bertolino. By Paolo Brachetti his “burnt” woods of which the Last Supper is majestically small and which inspires reverence. By Alessandro Chiarappa the Angel on his Knees and “Divine Comedy”
The representative Black Sea Sculpture will not be missing: The Swan of the Black Sea by Stefano Faccini and Enrico Vladimir Iacuone, who will be present at the event for the occasion. The post noon will be full of events.


Works of Art

Works of art which inspire a sense of well-being – why?
A first glance captures shapes and colours that cheer the home and those who bring it to life, giving one peace of mind and a sense of well-being. For those seeking more, enter the creative, imaginative and artistic universe that resides within these works.
What we are and our life experiences give rise to subjective emotions when observing an artistic and creative work: the very reason why the artist’s works are the results of his own life journey and experience. Oftentimes, we are challenged in attempting to penetrate an artist’s deepest thoughts, conscious and unconscious, that have driven him to create a particular work; however, we can interpret his path.

For decades, Antimo Bertolino has been immersed in the arts and crafts world, a world linked to many materials, especially wood. A living element, breathing and ever-changing in all its forms, which then becomes a human symbol. For man is born as a natural element of earth, and the life cycles over time transform him. The ‘pictures of well-being’ are works created with MDF or ‘medium density fibreboard’.
MDF is a ‘non-wood’ material originating from natural wood given a different life through a process of crushing and aggregation; of one form to another, to a wood that, by its transformation, is no longer wood. In fact, this process may be seen as the recovery, recycling and regeneration of a natural element.

On this medium, metaphors of the contemporary man are engraved in carved grooves, shapes and designs: some are well-known and others less familiar in their various expressions of cultures, costumes and icons of our time and world. In their chaotic and seemingly random irregularities, they become symbols of the joys and sorrows, the wounds and pleasures, which life offers us, composing a balanced whole. In these works, we see and grasp signs, shapes and colours that exalt our senses and, above all, that mirror our paths in life, and the depths of our thoughts and creativity, eliciting emotions which go beyond the merely aesthetic.
So, here for you are the ‘pictures of well-being’!


The Artist

Born in Formia (LT) in 1972, he graduated from Sessa A.’s IPIA as an electronic expert, always cultivating his passion for sculpture. He has exhibited in various exhibitions in Milan, Piombino, Florence, Falciano del Massico, Rome, Turin Venturina, Prato, Lugano, obtaining prizes and awards.



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Yambol Oct 15 – Nov30 Works by Alessandro Chiarapa and Antimo Bertolino at the art galleryThe exhibition was presented by ...


Balchik Aug 11 – 2018 Royal Palace of Balchik. Officialization of the Exhibition dedicated to the Week of Italian Culture ...


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